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A major disaster like Hurricane Harvey and Irma impacts individuals across the country. Those in communities affected by the hurricane have to rebuild their lives and may wonder how the IRS looks at these disasters. People far and wide who want to donate for hurricane relief risk giving to a fake charity. Learn what the IRS has to say regarding Hurricane Harvey relief.

Mr. Lampert to serve on the Tax Certification Committee of the Board of Legal Specialization and Education of the Florida Bar.

Tax-exempt organizations that are required to file Form 990-series information returns with the IRS must file annually by the 15th day of the fifth month following the end of the organization's fiscal year. For most tax-exempt organizations, the fiscal year ends on December 31 each year, so annual filings are due by May 15.

If you owe a significant amount of money to the IRS but are unable to pay your tax bill because of a financial hardship, one option that may be available to you is an Offer in Compromise.

It is not uncommon for an elder lawyer to have sick or disabled clients.  Yet these clients often need to file income tax returns.  Who can sign a tax return if the client cannot? For a joint income tax return, the filing (well) spouse can sign for the disabled spouse by simply signing the disabled spouse’s name and adding...

It seems that each time the IRS “improves” its Power of Attorney form (Form 2848) they make it more difficult for practitioners.  The latest revision is dated 3-2012.  Fortunately, forms submitted prior to the new form being issued are still acceptable.