2019 Fiscal Year Statistics for Exempt Organizations

On November 18, 2019, I participated in an update and discussion from the TEGE Exempt Organizations Council. Ahead of this update, Margaret Von Lienen, Director of IRS Exempt Organizations, provided statistics regarding the 2019 fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2019 Results:

  • Exempt Organizations Requests and Appeals received almost 98,000 applications for tax-exempt status and closed over 101,000 applications
  • Exempt Organizations Correspondence Unit received over 28,000 pieces of correspondence and closed almost 31,000 pieces
  • Exempt Organizations Examination completed 3,675 examinations
  • Exempt Organizations Compliance Unit completed 1,470 compliance checks and sent 3,955 soft letters
  • FSL/ET (Federal State Local/Employment Tax) completed 1,406 examinations


Current Status of Determination Inventory as of 10/24/2019:

  • Average age of all inventory is 86 days

▸ Average age of Form 1023 applications is 97 days

▸ Average age of Form 1023-EZ applications is 29 days

▸ Average age of other forms is 105 days

  • Average processing time of all inventory is 87 days

▸ Average processing time for Form 1023 is 175 days

▸ Average processing time for Form 1023-EZ is 28 days

▸ Average processing time for other forms is 190 day

  • Overage inventory is 2.7%
  • Cases postmarked May 2019 are currently being assigned to specialists
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