No need to put off updating your estate planning over worry about an in-person meeting to sign. We have performed many pandemic parking lot estate planning document signings. All documents are reviewed and discussed ahead of time by phone or video conference. Clients stay in their cars with their gloves and masks. We pass the documents through a slightly lowered window. The clients sign and initial next to tabs and pass the documents back out the window. My staff and I, gloved and masked, each take a turn witnessing and then notarizing the documents while the others stay back. The clients can see us, and we can see them and each other, yet we are all properly social distanced and the clients never leave their car; only lower a window slightly. It is fast, convenient, and safe.

COVID-19 is reminding us that anything can happen. Estate planning can be effectively and safely done, even with the pandemic. Please let us know if you would like to schedule an appointment, which can be done by telephone or video conference.

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